Artist Projects


Video Clones — video/dance performance with Molissa Fenley, New York City, NY  SP.1979.01

Club 57 — Organized group shows at Club 57, New York City, NY


Subway Drawing — Began drawing on blank advertising panels in subway stations, New York City, NY


Spectacolor Billboard — a 30-second animated drawing repeating every 20 minutes for one month, Times Square, New York City, NY  SP.1982.04

Installation — Paradise Garage, New York City, New York  SP.1982.03

Anti-Nuclear Posters — Print and distribute 20,000 free posters for June 12 anti-nuclear rally, Central Park, New York City, NY  SP.1982.02

Mural – Houston Street — Paint fluorescent mural on cement handball court, Houston Street at Bowery, New York City, NY  SP.1982.01


Artist-in-residence — Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux, Switzerland  SP.1983.08

Fabric design — Fabric design for Vivienne Westwood, London, U.K.  SP.1983.07

Album Cover — Computer graphics album cover for New York City Peech Boys   SP.1983.06

Fiorucci — Paint Fiorucci, Milan, Italy, with LA II  SP.1983.05

Body Painting — Paint choreographer Bill T. Jones photographed by Tseng Kwong Chi, London, U.K.  SP.1983.04

Paint murals — Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin  SP.1983.03

Paint building — Tokyo, Japan, with LA II  SP.1983.02

Paint mural — Avenue D, New York City, New York  SP.1983.01


Paint mural — National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia  SP.1984.15.a

Paint mural — Collingwood Technical School, Melbourne, Australia  SP.1984.15.b

Paint mural — Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia  SP.1984.15.c

Artist-in-residence — Ernest Horn Elementary School, Iowa City, Iowa  SP.1984.14

Performances — The Kutztown Connection performances to benefit the New Arts Program, Kutztown, Pennsylvania  SP.1984.13

Artist-in-residence and Mural — Children’s Festival, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota  SP.1984.12

Artist-in-residence, Poster and Sticker Design — Le Mans, France  SP.1984.11

Paint candy store murals — Avenue D, New York City  SP.1984.10

Anti-Litterpig Campaign — created logo for New York City Department of Sanitation, New York City, New York  SP.1984.09

On-site painting — Museum of Modern Art, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  SP.1984.08

Paint fishermen’s houses — Ilheus, Brazil  SP.1984.07

Paint mural — Children’s Village, Dobbs Ferry, New York  SP.1984.06

Body-painting — Grace Jones, photographed by Robert Mapplethorpe, New York City, New York  SP.1984.05

Animated Commercial — Create 60-second animated commercial for Big store, Zurich, Switzerland  SP.1984.04

Design SetSecret Pastures, choreographed by Bill T. Jones and Arnie Zane, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn, New York  SP.1984.03

Paint mural — Asphalt Green Park, New York City, New York  SP.1984.02

Paint SetThe Marriage of Heaven and Hell, choreographed by Roland Petit, Ballet National de Marseille, Marseille, France  SP.1985.13

United Nations — Create First Day Cover and limited edition lithograph to accompany United Nations’ stamp issue of 5 November commemorating 1985 as International Youth Year.  SP.1985.17


Organize and curate Rain Dance — a benefit party and exhibition for the U.S. Committee for UNICEF’s African Emergency Relief Fund  SP.1985.15

Design SetSweet Saturday Night, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn, New York  SP.1985.14

Cover Illustration and Centerfold — Scholastic News reaching an audience of 3 million American school children, grades one through six  SP.1985.12

Collaborative poster — with Brooke Shields and Richard Avedon  SP.1985.11

Create Backdrop — 25′ X 32′ backdrop for permanent installation – The Palladium, New York City, New York  SP.1985.10

Keith Haring Day — Create mural and distribute free T-shirts and balloons, Children’s Village, Dobbs Ferry, New York  SP.1985.09

Host painting workshop and distribute free coloring books — Children’s Worlds Fair celebrating International Youth Year, Asphalt Green Park, New York City, New York  SP.1985.08

Print and Distribute 20,000 Free South Africa posters  SP.1985.07

Create painting — Live Aid, July 13, auctioned with proceeds donated to African Famine Relief .F.K.Stadium, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  SP.1985.06

Paint mural — handball court, P.S. 97, New York City, New York  SP.1985.05

Body painting — Grace Jones – performance at Paradise Garage, New York City, New York  SP.1985.04

Paint — St. Patrick’s Daycare Center, San Francisco, California  SP.1985.03

Design — four watches for Swatch Watch U.S.A.

Children’s drawing workshop — Museum of Contemporary Art Bordeaux, France  SP.1985.01


Paint set — on MTV during guest apearance of Duran Duran’s Nick Rhodes and Simon Le Bon, New York City, New York  SP.1986.19

Paint murals — Mount Sinai pediatrics ward, New York City, New York  SP.1986.18

Collaborate — with Brion Gysin on Fault Lines  SP.1986.17

Collaborate — with Jenny Holzer on billboards for Vienna Festival 86, Austria  SP.1986.16

Body painting — Grace Jones – for feature film, Vamp, Los Angeles, California  SP.1986.15

Outdoor Mural — 90′ X 90′ outdoor mural, Amsterdam, Holland  SP.1986.14

Children’s drawing workshop — Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Holland  SP.1986.13

Retail Store — Open Pop Shop, retail store, 292 Lafayette Street, New York City New York  SP.1986.12

Poster — Create background art for RUN DMC/ADIDAS tour poster  SP.1986.11

Design setThe Legend of Lily Overstreet, Limbo Theatre, New York City, New York  SP.1986.10

Drawing workshop — Children’s Museum of Manhattan, New York City, New York  SP.1986.09

Collaborate — with 1,000 New York City youths on 6-story City Kids Speak on Liberty banner, dedicated on July 2 for Statue of Liberty centennial celebration, New York City, New York  SP.1986.08

Mural — Club DV8, San Francisco, California  SP.1986.07

Mural — Paint Crack is Wack murals, New York City, New York  SP.1986.06

Mural — Paint permanent murals, Woodhull Hospital, Brooklyn, New York  SP.1986.05

Collaborate — with Grace Jones on I‘m Not Perfect video, Paris, France and New York City  SP.1986.04

Paint mural — Jouets & Cie toy-store, Paris, France  SP.1986.03

Paint mural — 300′ mural on Berlin Wall, Berlin, West Germany  SP.1986.02

Collaborate — on outdoor mural with school children, Washington and Adams Streets, Phoenix, Arizona  SP.1986.01


Lecture — Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut  SP.1987.21

Drawing workshop and lecture — Whitney Museum of American Art, Stamford, Connecticut  SP.1987.20

Drawing workshop — with finalists from WNET/13 Student’s Art Festival, New York City, New York  SP.1987.19

Set design and costume conceptInterrupted River, choreography by Jennifer Muller, music by Yoko Ono, Joyce Theatre, New York City, New York  SP.1987.18

Outdoor Mural — Paint permanent outdoor mural, Necker Children’s Hospital, Paris, France  SP.1987.17

Design carouselLuna Luna, a traveling amusement park and art museum  SP.1987.16

Judge Nippon Object Competition and design street signs — Parco, Tokyo, Japan  SP.1987.15

Body Painting — Body-paint model for cover of Schweizer Illustrierte, Monte Carlo, Monaco  SP.1987.14

Paint permanent mural — Casino Knokke, Belgium  SP.1987.11

Participate — Art Against AIDS, New York City, New York  SP.1987.13

Paint mural — Museum of Contemporary Art, Antwerp, Belgium  SP.1987.12

Paint mural — Channel Surf Club, Knokke, Belgium  SP.1987.11

Paint mural — Team BBD&O European Headquarters, Dusseldorf, Germany  SP.1987.10 

Paint mural — Carmine Street public swimming pool, New York City, New York  SP.1987.09

Children’s drawing workshop — Institute of Contemporary Art, London, U.K.  SP.1987.08

Collaborative mural — with Philadelphia City kids, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  SP.1987.07

Paint permanent mural — Boys Club of New York, 35 Pitt Street, New York City, New York  SP.1987.06

Permanent murals and sculpture commission — Schneider Childrens Hospital, New Hyde Park, New York  SP.1987.05

Artist-in-residence and mural installation — Cranbrook Academy of Art Museum, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan  SP.1987.04

Drawing workshop — Brookside School, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan  SP.1987.03

Collaborate on two murals and painting workshops — with 500 children, Paintings donated to permanent collection of Tama City, Tama City, Japan  SP.1987.02

Design album cover, posters and limited edition silkscreen — A&M Records’ A Very Special Christmas, proceeds donated to Special Olympics (platinum album, cassette and compact disc)  SP.1987.01


Retail store — Open Pop Shop Tokyo, retail store, Tokyo, Japan  SP.1988.10

Design sets and costumesBody and Soul, Munich, Germany  SP.1988.09

Artist-in-residence — Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, Ohio  SP.1988.08

Poster and Public Service Announcment — Literacy Campaign, sponsored by Fox Channel 5 and New York Public Library Associations  SP.1988.07

Mural — Easter at the White House: paint 8′ X 16′ mural erected on White House lawn donated to the Children’s Hospital, National Medical Center, Washington, D.C.  SP.1988.06

Lecture and drawing workshops — High Museum of Art, Atlanta, Georgia  SP.1988.05

Permanent mural — Grady Hospital pediatrics emergency room, Atlanta, Georgia  SP.1988.04

Create image — New York City Ballet 40th Anniversary, Create image for use as poster, program cover, stage projection and T-shirt, American Music Festival, New York City, New York  SP.1988.03

United Nations — Create First Day Cover and limited edition lithograph to accompany United Nations’ stamp issue commemorating 1988 as International Volunteer Year  SP.1988.02

Paint MuralDon’t Believe the Hype mural, Houston Street at FDR Drive, New York City, New York  SP.1988.01


Paint MuralTogether We Can Stop -AIDS, Barrio de Chino, Barcelona, Spain  SP.1989.10

Design invitations and plates — Gloria von Thurnund Taxis’ birthday celebration, Regensburg, Germany  SP.1989.09

Design mural — executed by students at Wells Community Academy, Chicago, Illinois  SP.1989.08

Artist-in-residence and Mural — painted 520-foot mural with 300 high-school students, Museum of Contemporary Art mural project, Chicago Public Schools, Chicago, Illinois  SP.1989.07

Two Murals — Rush Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Medical Center, Chicago, Illinois  SP.1989.06

Design Logo and T-Shirts — Young Scientist’s Day, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, New York City, New York  SP.1989.05

Artist-in-residence and Mural Project — Ernest Horn Elementary School, Iowa City, Iowa  SP.1989.04

Paint Mural — The Center – a lesbian and gay community services center, New York City, New York  SP.1989.03

Permanent Mural — Keith Haring Progetto Italia, Commissioned by the City of Pisa to paint permanent mural on exterior wall of San Antonio church, Pisa, Italy  SP.1989.02

Paint Banner — Painted banner intended for airship to be flown over Paris as part of Galerie Celeste, a project with Soviet painter Eric Bulatov commemorating the bicentennial of the French Revolution. Complications eventually prevented the launch of the airship.  SP.1989.01


United Nations — Create First Day Cover and limited edition lithograph to accompany United Nations’ stamp issue of 16 March commemorating 1990 as Stop AIDS Worldwide Year