Selected Writing

American Beauty


A discussion of Keith Haring’s life and work as an embodiment of energy.
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An Afternoon with Keith


“In May 1985, Keith and Kenny arrived on time at my studio for what I promised would be a quick portrait.” Greenfield-Sanders describes a photo-shoot with Haring and other artists.
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Bathed in Heraclitan Fire


A reassessment of Keith Haring’s work.
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Between Politics and Mythology


Gianni Mercurio interviews Peter Halley about Haring’s work.
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Body Language: Keith Haring and the Renaissance of Figurative Painting in the Eighties


The aim of the following essay is to place Keith Haring’s work, the content and form of which are examined in detail in the other essays in the catalogue, in the context of the painting of his time.
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Conversation with Keith Haring


Keith Haring talks about his life and his development as an artist.
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Each of these men and his music and art informed the work and lifestyle of Keith Haring.
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Disegno e Colore: The Reconciliation of Two Rivals in the Art of Keith Haring


Gehring investigates how “the conflict between ‘disegno’ and ‘colore’, first picked out as a central theme by Vasari” is played out in Haring’s work.
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Drawing the Line: The Graphic Legacy of Keith Haring


“With few exceptions, critical interest in an artist’s drawings has depended on achievements in other and, by implication, more “serious” genres like painting or sculpture…. …the role of the drawing in Keith Haring’s oeuvre reverses this traditional pattern.”
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Funny How Things Turn Out


“Club 57 is where I first met Keith Haring. I thought he seemed quite a shy guy at first…”
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