Lesson Plans – Introduction


The Keith Haring Lesson Plan Database was originally created for haringkids.com. Because art education is major portion of the Foundation’s mission the Lesson Plans is now available here on haring.com. These Lesson Plans offer Teachers, Parents, Students, and Keith Haring fans alike, resources for enriching, explorative lessons for all ages and fields of study. We have gathered our lessons from education departments at Museums that have hosted Keith Haring exhibitions or have received funding from us for special projects, from some of our staff members and close affiliates of the Keith Haring Foundation, and finally, from visitors just like you, submitting their projects to us (see our link on the right to submit a project). We know how much kids love Keith Haring’s work for his bold, vibrant images expressing hope and exploring identity, and have created this section in an effort to spread knowledge and appreciation for the messages he shared during his lifetime. We hope that you will find this resource to be inspiring and educational.

Easy Guide for Research

All Lesson Plans are ordered by date of submission with the most recent first. If you would like to narrow your search, the Lesson Plans are divided into categories which are accessed in the side menu. You may search by “Curriculum” (school subjects), “Subject” (art genres), “Age/Grade”, “Materials”, “Title” or “Locations”. With each search, a brief description will be provided as a result of your look-up. By clicking on the specific Title of the lesson you would like to see, the full version will come up. Use the “Back” and “Forward” options on your browser toolbar at the top to navigate back to your look-up page after reviewing a lesson.

Although we have provided age and grade recommendations for each of our lessons, please use your own discretion as to what seems age-appropriate for your specific audience.

If you would like to submit a lesson plan please go to haringkids.com/lesson_plans. If you are a visitor who has submitted a lesson and would like to see it on-line, choosing “Contributors” on haringkids.com  will bring up your name easily in the list.