Keith Haring Murals in San Sebastián

Keith Haring Murals in San Sebastián

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The children in 5th grade in the Saint Patrick's English school in San Sebastian / Donostia have been introduced to the world of Keith Haring.
Starting by reading the book "Keith Haring: The Boy Who Just Kept Drawing"
and learning about his life, art, and context.


Rolls of white paper, cut into 2 pieces of 7 meters each.
Poster and acrylic paint, pencils and rubbers.


The students watch and read the story of Keith Haring. After this, they are shown many of his murals and concentrate on his piece with children in CityKids Speak on Liberty Banner. As the students are learning the different ways of representing the human figure/body/parts they are very interested in this new way of simplifying. First, they draw each other in different positions only with the model as a guide. A student stands in front of the rest of the students who are drawing. Adding music to this part will help them relax. The student is asked to dance and when the music is paused they have to freeze, then the others draw. A 1-minute timer can help them not go into too much detail. Once this part of the project is completed we move on to the mural. A long piece of white paper is laid on the classroom floor. The students get into groups of 4 or 5 depending on the number of students in the class. One of them has to be a model. This person will lie on the paper in a position of their wish and the others have to draw around them with pencil. The result is a silhouette of the model on the paper. The silhouette is then painted with acrylic paint. Better results are obtained with bold colors and outlined with black acrylic paint. The students can then fill out the spaces between the figures with black decorations of their choice.