What is the Keith Haring Foundation?

Keith established the Foundation shortly before he died to do three things:

  1. to preserve and exhibit his artwork.
  2. to provide support to not-for-profit organizations that assist children, as well as organizations involved in education, research and care related to HIV and AIDS.
  3. to be a source of accurate information about his life and work (this website is an example).

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How can I contact the Keith Haring Foundation?

Go to Contact Page and send email via form.

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Where can I see Haring’s art?

The Upcoming Exhibits page lists current exhibits. The Public Works page lists permanent installations around the world. The Keith Haring Foundation blog also list current events and exhibits.

This website contains a database of Keith Haring’s work. More work is regularly being added to the database.

The Keith Haring Database is indexed by date, title, genre, medium and keywords. For example you can find all collages by entering the word “collage“, or all works that use “chalk“, or the work titled “Mom“. We have also added keywords, many of them listed below.

To navigate the database, simply click a year from the top menu of years. Thumbnails are organized by medium. The art work can also be navigated by genre. Click on the thumbnail image to see a full size picture and to learn more about an artwork.

The search function for artwork is found here. To search text in the essays, press, etc. use the search box on the rest of the site.

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Where can I get information on specific Haring artworks?

Consult the books listed below, available at most books stores and libraries, and refer to the Art Database, which includes over 800 artworks, featured on this website. The Keith Haring Database is indexed by date, title, genre, medium and keywords. For example you can find all collages by entering the word “collage“, or all works that use “chalk“, or the work titled “Mom“. You may also read  selected writings about Keith Haring and use the Catalog and Periodical pages to research the many articles about his work.

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Where can I buy a Haring artwork?

The Keith Haring Foundation is represented by the Gladstone Gallery

Gladstone Gallery
515 West 24th Street
New York, NY 10011 USA
Phone: 212-206-9300
Fax: 212-206-9301


Pace Prints
536 West 22nd Street
New York, NY 10001 USA
Phone: 212-629-6100
Fax: 212-629-6133

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How can I find out about Keith Haring’s life?

The Bio section gives an outline of his life and “In His Own Words“, uses Haring’s journals as a longer biographical narrative. See below for a list of useful books.

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Does the Keith Haring Foundation offer authentication services?

Go to Authentication Page


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Rights and Reproductions?

The Keith Haring Studio owns the international copyright to all artwork created by Keith Haring, and his artwork may not be reproduced in any way without express written permission from the Haring Studio. All rights and reproductions requests should be sent via the contact page and for additional information please see the Licensing page.

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What books can I read about or view media on Keith Haring?

Keith Haring: the Authorized Biography is an oral history by John Gruen that gives an excellent account of his life and times (Fireside, ISBN 0671781502)

Drawing the Line is an invaluable video on Haring’s art and life (Kultur Video, ASIN B0006A9I2U)

Universe of Keith Haring is a feature-length film detailing the artist’s life, community, and work (New Video Group, ASIN B002ZMZBE6)

Keith Haring is a large and comprehensive full color catalog (Rizzoli, ISBN 0847831396)

Keith Haring 1978 – 1982 provides a detailed look into Haring’s early sketchbooks and experimental work (Moderne Kunst Nurnberg, ISBN 3869841044)

Keith Haring, the catalog for a 1997 Haring retrospective, is a large coffee-table art book, with numerous critical essays and lavish illustrations (Whitney/Bullfinch, ISBN 0821224662).

Keith Haring Journals a brilliant account of Haring’s life and observations, told through the voice of the artist himself (Penguin, ISBN 0143105973).

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How do I find out about Haring Swatch watches?

Haring did design several watches for the Swatch company, which maintains its own website. Please contact them with any requests to buy or sell Haring Swatch watches.

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How do I add a link to the Haring site?

We are happy if you add haring.com to your links page. Please contact us with your url, if you do. We are providing a button (to the left) if you would like to use an image as a link. Download and add it to your page.

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