What books can I read about or view media on Keith Haring?

Keith Haring: the Authorized Biography is an oral history by John Gruen that gives an excellent account of his life and times (Fireside, ISBN 0671781502)

Drawing the Line is an invaluable video on Haring’s art and life (Kultur Video, ASIN B0006A9I2U)

Universe of Keith Haring is a feature-length film detailing the artist’s life, community, and work (New Video Group, ASIN B002ZMZBE6)

Keith Haring is a large and comprehensive full color catalog (Rizzoli, ISBN 0847831396)

Keith Haring 1978 – 1982 provides a detailed look into Haring’s early sketchbooks and experimental work (Moderne Kunst Nurnberg, ISBN 3869841044)

Keith Haring, the catalog for a 1997 Haring retrospective, is a large coffee-table art book, with numerous critical essays and lavish illustrations (Whitney/Bullfinch, ISBN 0821224662).

Keith Haring Journals a brilliant account of Haring’s life and observations, told through the voice of the artist himself (Penguin, ISBN 0143105973).