Where can I see Haring’s art?

The Upcoming Exhibits page lists current exhibits. The Public Works page lists permanent installations around the world. The Keith Haring Foundation blog also list current events and exhibits.

This website contains a database of Keith Haring’s work. More work is regularly being added to the database.

The Keith Haring Database is indexed by date, title, genre, medium and keywords. For example you can find all collages by entering the word “collage“, or all works that use “chalk“, or the work titled “Mom“. We have also added keywords, many of them listed below.

To navigate the database, simply click a year from the top menu of years. Thumbnails are organized by medium. The art work can also be navigated by genre. Click on the thumbnail image to see a full size picture and to learn more about an artwork.

The search function for artwork is found here. To search text in the essays, press, etc. use the search box on the rest of the site.