Keith Haring Murals

Keith Haring Murals

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I'm an English teacher here in Brazil, so I made so my classrooms had contact with Haring's Artworks by printing a bunch of them and putting them on the walls, as soon as they settle down, I began asking them about the pieces, the colors, the messages, when and where did they think they were made and finally talked about our man and his story.


The objective of this Mural was that every individual student would have their cause represented in a piece just like Haring did back at his days, motioning why is important to fight for what they believe in. Even tho my students were underestimating themselves by not knowing how to draw, I motivated them to get inspired in Haring's works and let theirs causes guide them.


I actually studied a lot at the Haring Foundation website to talk about him to my students, they liked and related a lot. Pinterest also helped me.


I needed some paper and color pencils that I already had, sanitized between each round of students, and a soft calming music to put in the background while they were drawing. To do the collage I used the website "Canva", but I'm pretty sure that "Paint" must do the same thing (I Had to do an online collage because I have online classes as well, but if you only teach at person, you might as well do a real collage with your students).


I truly recommend this to older students, my youngest didn't quite get the vibe, but I got really really deep the others. Let them speak their truth and be heard. Be proud of them and give them a round of applause after they make a little presentation about their piece. Let them speak uuup, it might get tens, but that's the whole point, they're standing up for what they believe. Be proud!