Discovering Keith Haring

Discovering Keith Haring



We started browsing your website.We have tried to work in parallel with subjects such as computer science, English, Italian and arte.We have observed the works of Keith, places of production. The children told their feelings, their emotions and interpretations. Haring's works have "hit" the eyes and hearts of the students. Then they tried to make ... And they found that forms, seemingly simple, are complex, well proportioned and exceptionally expressive, but not easy to play.The kids have read the image of some works, they wanted to identify themselves and give their shape and finally have produced a poster that represents their stay and live at school ... to grow and learn together!


Know an artist and his art form.
Approach to art and to stimulate the intuition of its importance (read and comment on the great works of Haring in different cities).Grasp the particular and observe the overall context of the work.
Learn to read images and works of art - Share impressions and emotions that art arouses. Connote a personal level a common element ("the little man").
Achieve a collective work sharing common objectives.

I apologize if the translation into English of the goals was unclear


We worked with 3 teachers working in their subjects - computer science, English, Italian and art. We used the computer and blackboard multi-media.


Billboards, Pens, Pencils


Guided navigation on the site Keithharingkids as a stimulus to discover playful artist.
Search for images of the most famous works.
Motivation observation of shapes and colors in the context of the work.
Sharing the emotions felt by the children in the observation.
Free interpretation of the works observed.
"You ... like the little man Haring": each child draws himself as the subjects of Haring and these little drawings characterize the door of the classroom.
Collective realization of a billboard


We have tried to explain to children the historical and social context in which Haring has trained and worked.
Our state school, is located in a particular area of the city of Turin.
Here live families with different origins and social reality. We have also mentioned the importance of art in everyday life, in the cities and the surrounding areas, like ours.