Children Respond to Haring’s Work



Using the Keith Haring exhibition as a starting point in their Education and Outreach programming, City Gallery helped children be inspired by and respond to Haring's work.


To take children through the Keith Haring exhibition.

To help children express their their thoughts and ideas in response to the exhibition.

To provide children with the motivation to produce their own work.


Colored markers
Thick paper cut down to postcard size
Postage stamps


Children went through the Keith Haring exhibit, led by a Museum Educator. Then they went to a classroom where they were given ideas to further investigate Keith Haring's work.

Some children were given blank postcards to bring back to school with them after visiting the Museum. They drew and wrote their feedback about the show and sent the postcards back.

Here are some of their responses:

"Thank you for taking my class around the exhibition. I would present this art to my grandparents because they simply love art. Anyway, I think it's wonderful (the art). -Pukerua Boys School thanks you."

"Thanks for showing us around the art gallery. I really liked all of the pictures you showed us and I really liked the robot. I also learned a lot about Keith."

"Thank you very much for showing us around. I liked the pictures that you showed us. I learned lots about him [Keith Haring]. My favourites were the dog and that monkey man. I also liked the Statue of Liberty and those robots. I now know how to draw a different way."


Now have your students make their own postcards using Keith Haring-inspired art for the front!!

Have older students research mail art before they begin their own work.