Designing Objects



Using a project framework similar to that of Keith Haring's, children can explore the possibilities of designing a personally customized watch, bicycle, and car, using the templates provided.


To help students gain an understanding of Keith Haring's style.

To allow students to explore the concept of product design and development.

To occupy a small amount of leftover time with a challenging and fun activity.


Download the handouts (.pdf 330k) for printing.


Crayons and/or Markers


Download the 3 corresponding pdf files to your computer. Each file is an activity worksheet that can be photocopied for each child to use.

Show the students some of Keith Haring's work. Discuss his line and color. Emphasize the 3 images provided of the BMW car, the Swatch watches, and the Bicycle. Discuss why these pieces were made, and how Keith went about redefining them.

Hand out one sheet to each child and have them create an image of their designs, using the templates provided. Express that they must take into consideration the whole object, how it is used, and who would be using it.


How were these objects transformed?

Are they still functional?

Are they a piece of art? Can art be functional?

Why would someone want a piece of art like this?

While creating your own designs, how did the considerations you made (regarding how this object will be used and who will be using it) affect the final outcome of your drawing?