Self Portraits from the Future



Students will make craypa self portraits of what they might look like in 100 years.


Students learn the different ways of using craypas: smearing, blending, and scratching.


Dr.Seuss web site


White Drawing Paper


Students will have the book "Your Only Old Once" by Dr. Seuss read to them. They will also look at images of elderly people. A discussion will be held on what they may look like in 100 years. This discussion includes the following topics: glasses, color of hair and/or balding, teeth, eyes...

1. How old are you?
2. At what age is someone considered old?
3. What makes someone look or feel old?


1. Ask students how old they are and how old they'll be in 100 years. Hold a discussion on the physical aspects of what makes someone look older (hair, teeth, skin, features, accessories like glasses and canes).

2. Read Dr. Seuss's "Your Only Old Once".

3. Show examples of images portraying elderly people.

4. Tell the students that they are going to make pictures of themselves of what they think they will look like in 100 years. The picture they decide to make can be on their 100th birthday or thereafter.

5. Demonstrate how to use craypas.

6. Hand out supplies, paper, craypas.

7. Clean up.


When finished, students can share with each other and explain what traits they may possess when they are 100.


The author of this lesson, Melissa Ludwig, a student of the School of Visual Arts in NYC, is the 2001-2002 scholarship recipient of the Keith Haring Scholarship award. This project was a collaboration with The School of Visual Arts & PS 3 in New York City

To find out more about The Keith Haring Foundation Scholarship offered through the School of Visual Arts, please contact:
Director, School of Visual Arts/Visual Arts Foundation, 15 Gramercy Park South, NYC 10003.

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