Students can create their own symbolic windows into their imaginations.


Students will learn about inspiration and how artists have things that inspire them to make art for everyone to enjoy.

Students will use crayon pencils, understanding that this material can be used as a thin line as well as for shading.

Students will learn that windows can be used metaphorically as a starting point on imagination and dreams.


White drawing paper
Colored pencils


1. What do you see on your way to school?
2. What do you see out your window at home?
3. What have you seen on vacation?

1. Begin by having students discuss what they see and helping them to think about what might inspire them.

2. Show examples of a project and talk about how students can use a window to portray what one may dream about or what they may actually see.

3. Discuss how around and inside the window they can place objects and people they see and like. These objects have the possibility of representing what inspires them.

4. Give a brief demonstration on how colored pencils can be used to shade as well as to create bold, dark lines, or light, soft edges.

5. Hand paper and colored pencils.

6. Clean up all colored pencils and put back in box.

Students can, if they wish, explain the objects they have chosen to place in their picture.


The author of this lesson, Melissa Ludwig, a student of the School of Visual Arts in NYC, is the 2001-2002 scholarship recipient of the Keith Haring Scholarship award. This project was a collaboration with The School of Visual Arts & PS 3 in New York City

To find out more about The Keith Haring Foundation Scholarship offered through the School of Visual Arts, please contact:
Director, School of Visual Arts/Visual Arts Foundation, 15 Gramercy Park South, NYC 10003.

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