The Valley, 1989

The Valley

The Valley (Page 9)
by William Burroughs
Soon the rot sets in. They wake up spitting teeth and blood and pus. It is time for them to learn the ancient songs and music, time to start making their instruments. They also make a moon-corn beer to be used at the festivals. The Death Beer is lethal, one cup can kill in three days… three days of agonizing bone aches, and hemorrhaging through the skin, literally sweating blood. To avoid this horrible death, the Corner chooses some one to kill him at dawn. This is done by thrusting a knife under the rib cage and into the heart.

Escape from the valley occupies our life. We could tunnel out, perhaps. Such a tunnel was undertaken, but after five years of work there was no way to supply air and the tunnel workers suffocated. The tunnel has long since fallen in, but you can still see the entrance. It’s a good place