The Valley, 1989

The Valley

The Valley (Page 12)
by William Burroughs
One day it happened. We heard a roaring noise overhead and looked up to see what looked like the legendary dragonfly, hovering there in the sky. We wailed and shouted. The craft hung there and then turned and headed away. Next day it was back over the Valley with several more just like it.

Now one came down past the overhangs and landed by the stream. Immediately the Soarers rushed forward as two men got out of the craft.

"Mucho gusto… buenos dias… muchos anos aqui"

The men explained that we would all be evacuated, but that they could only take five at the moment, and five Soarers got into the craft, which lifted off.

Now another settled, but the pilots started back at the sight of advanced Corners.

"These gooks will have to be quarantined."

"They don’t go in my chopper."