Poster for Leistungsschau 2006



A 10th grade in Germany designed Haring-inspired posters to promote a local exhibition.


To introduce students to the life and work of Keith Haring.

To allow students the opportunity to engage a public with their work.

To teach students how to visually communicate an idea.


White paper
Felt-tip markers


At the beginning of the 2005-2006 school year, we were asked by the mayor of Zell if we would like to create a poster for Leistungsschau 2006, an exhibition in our town. Every four years, this exhibition allows companies, tradesmen, banks, and insurances, etc. the possibility to show the public what they produce and sell, or what they do. Even schools can participate in this event. For this reason, large tents were erecte and in one of them our school established a cafe that was decorated with student artwork. We sold coffee and cakes and a lot of visitors enjoyed it. Furthermore, we were invited to design a poster for this event. All of the students in our 10c class drew a design for the poster, first starting with small sketches and then enlarging their favorite drawing on a big piece of white paper and coloring it in with felt-tip markers. The mayor of Zell, and other important people decided to select Claudia Zongerling's poster design. She drew a poster in Keith Haring's style. Her poster was printed by a local printing company. She was very proud when the community saw her poster.