Selected Writing

Keith Haring: The Diamond, the Elephant, and Marcel Duchamp


‘Beauty is truth, truth beauty’, that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know. -John Keats Keith Haring’s Journals1 reveal a poet and a humanist who happens also to be an avant-garde artist, viz. a person …
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Keith Haring. A Great Artist, A True Friend

Dennis Hopper, Haring, Tony Shafrazi

Tony Shrafazi remembers Keith Haring and his first shows at the Tony Shafrazi Gallery.
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Keith’s Kids


“Haring was tireless in his work with children of all ages and backgrounds.”
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Kid Haring

Party of Life, The Palladium invitation, 1985

Kid Haring, by Ingrid Sischy – “Keith Haring’s struggle for recognition as a “serious” artist was not won in his lifetime. But he is the kind of lively figure who calls the importance of “seriousness” into question. The real communities that nourished Haring had little to do with dealers, curators, collectors, or critics. Despite the flashes of support from art powers, the safety, comfort, and sense of connection that freed him and spurred him on came from the work itself, kids, other artists, and the life he found in the heart of gay New York.”
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William Burroughs, Leo Castelli, Henry Geldzahler, Timothy Leary, Roy Lichtenstein, Madonna, Yoko Ono, and Brooke Shields remember Haring.
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Milan, 1984


Elio Fiorucci writes, “In 1984, we stripped bare our store, measuring 1,500 square meters, and asked Keith Haring to treat it as a space of his own, in which he would be able to create a great work of art.”.
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No Boundaries


“…both Schiele and Haring were precocious, incredibly prolific, obsessive workers – producers of voluminous quantities of images, with both artists’ oeuvres consisting primarily of drawings. They each found their signature style at in their early 20s.”
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O Livro da Vida


The Book of Life, published on the occasion of the Keith Haring exhibition touring Brazil (July – November).
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On the Shoulders of Giants. Keith Haring


“Haring did not hesitate to redo other people’s pictures, repainting, formally and explicitly, works by Picasso, Legér, or Matisse, in demonstration of the fact that tradition is a life blood for artists of every age.”
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Paradise Garage


“Haring’s work embodies the sounds of the New York streets and of streetwise clubs like Paradise Garage”
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