Haring Lampshades



These students from Germany participated in a competition to design Haring-inspired lampshades.


To expose students to the life and work of Keith Haring.

To help children learn how to apply for and participate in creative competitions.

To provide students with the opportunity to explore how the medium of light can affect their drawings.

To give students background experience in creating utilitarian art that has a particular function.


DESIGN: 4 Classes, CREATION: 3 Classes


White paper
Permanent felt-tip markers
Coloured pencils
Transparency paper
Small, transparent lampshades


Our 8th grade students took part in a design competition issued by the firm "Ikarus", with the task of designing a lampshade in the style of different artists. Lena and Christina chose Keith Haring and sent their lampshades in to the competition. The best pieces of work will be exhibited at the trade fair for furniture in Frankfurt. Perhaps they will be chosen as part of the production!

1. The students drew pictures inspired by Haring, using pencils on paper.

2. They coloured them with felt-tip markers and coloured pencils.

3. The students then copied the drawings on to transparency paper.

4. They coloured their transparency drawings with permanent felt-tip markers and coloured pencils.

5. The students fastened the decorated transparency inside their lampshades.


How does light affect the colors of your drawing?

How does shadow and projection play a role in your completed piece?

Is this work a piece of art or a piece of furniture? Can something be both? How?