Mural Project

Mural Project

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Influenced by the exhibition of Keith Haring's work at the Art Gallery of Ontario, local children create their own full-scale mural, and donate it to a local church.


Professional leadership- The Youth program was involved with assisting and overseeing children.

Materials- Exposing children to professional art materials.

Formal Concerns- Pattern and colour were explored.

Fun- Nutritional meals, working with peers, doing something constructive, and enjoying the day.

Self esteem- Cultivating a self-empowerment that lasts long after the project's completion.


Wood (cut in 3'x4' pieces)
Gesso or other primer
Acrylic paint and painting supplies
Polyeurothane or other sealer


Children were invited to participate in a unique event provided by the Art Gallery of Ontario [AGO] and Regent Park's Home for Creative Opportunity. Children and staff worked together to create a 36 foot mural which was installed on the wall of the United Church. AGO provided art supplies, lunch, and transportation to and from the Museum. Work on the Mural project was done on Sundays with children meeting at the Museum at 9:30am and returning by 1:30pm [in November of 1997]. Children had the opportunity to view the Keith Haring Exhibit [held at AGO and coinciding with this project], draw what they saw, and transform their drawings into huge, colorful 3 foot by 4 foot paintings which were linked side by side to form the Mural. Children and parents were invited to an opening party to see the work once it was done.

This is a wonderful project that can be done with or without a local Keith Haring exhibition. Use the Visual Aids provided on our site, and discuss the concerns and aesthetics of Keith's work. Plan something that can be cut up into pieces so each child creates an individual piece as well as a collaborative one. And donate it!
Have the children research places they would like to donate it to, preparing proposal peaches for the rest of the class to vote on!


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