Add a Page to Love



Using Keith Haring's book, LOVE, as a stepping stone, students are asked to create their own page to express love while challenging their use of color.


The students will create an original artwork by adding a page to Keith Haring's book titled "LOVE".


I used images from, and downloaded some Keith Haring artwork to use for a focus when the students enter the classroom. It is nice to have a computer with Internet access that is hooked up to a TV.

Love Book

5561 Love- Hardcover $12.95
-Call the Pop Shop, 212.219.2784-


white paper cut 11x11
black paper to mount on cut 12x12


Show the students the book titled "LOVE", either by hardback or by the website. Located under the book section.
Discuss how Haring only used 2-4 colors. I.e. pink, red, black and white.
Draw your "page" in pencil, and then choose 2 colors. (not black) When I pass out the markers, they have every color except black. I give it to them on the second day. I recommend that the student use the black last, for obvious smearing reasons.
When they finish, have them mount or matte their art.
On the back of the art on a small piece of paper write a couple of sentences about what you have learned about Keith Haring, his art or about your artwork. Then glue it to the back or attach it to the bottom of the matte so everyone can see.


I used a digital camera and took photos of random student art. Then I created a Power Point presentation and inserted each photo, then typed their writing response and put it next to their art. I printed out each slide from the Power Point, laminated it and bound it to make a book!