Along with defining Keith's goals and strategies for his life as an artist, children will consider their own aspirations and strategies necessary to attain their goals.


Children will define Keith's goal and strategy for his life as artist.

Children will hypothesize their own goals and strategies for attaining that goal.


Keith Haring's Bio for Kids


Grouping of chairs in clusters of 3 or more.

Writing paper and pencils.


Read Keith's biography.
Ask children when Keith figured out that he wanted to be an artist (as a child).
Ask what Keith did to realize his dream of being an artist (practiced, went to art school, moved to where other artists lived, went to museums, drew in the subways, showed in galleries).
Divide children into groups of three or four to allow children to brainstorm together.
Each child identifies something they could be when they grow up.
They identify the traits in themselves that would make that choice a good one for them and discuss ways they will realize these goals.
Each small group presents their results to the whole class.
Class volunteers additional ideas to each group.


Have the students create drawings of who they will be in the future.

Display the drawings along side the writing, or create a class book.