Age/Grade | Above 14

Radiant Baby

This lesson, designed specifically for the New York City musical that chronicles Keith Haring's life, "Radiant Baby", takes students through pre and post musical writing & art assignments in an effort to help students realize their life goals and a path towards self-accomplishment.

Pop Shop 4 – Shopkeeping

Create and run a store to sell prints, pictures, tee shirts created in Pop Shop Lessons 1 - 3.

Many Chairs, One Table

Many Chairs, One Table

When a college student combines her studies in Art Education with a local high school, a large-scale sculptural work becomes the centerpiece.

Making Self-Portraits

A psychologically investigative examination and corresponding lesson dissect the purpose and meaning of self-portraiture.

Pop Shop 3 – Printmaking (Tee Shirts)

Learn printmaking, including printing Tee shirts, based on the images of Haring's work.

Making Masks

Merging ancient and contemporary art, this lesson examines the significance of mask-making in the past and present. A great starting point to larger projects, or a fast exploration for the less patient.

Body Language Through Sculpture

Exploring gesture and movement using clay, this lesson was produced by a college student majoring in Art Education.

Sidewalk Justice

High School students from New York City take to the streets to express their opinions, both personal and political.

Relationships in Art

An introductory lesson to Relationship Sculptures, that explores personal relationships and how these dynamics can be communicated through art.

Pop Shop 2 – Etching and Woodcutting

Learn about printmaking using Haring's imagery as a starting point.

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