Age/Grade | Elementary 3

Making Self-Portraits

A psychologically investigative examination and corresponding lesson dissect the purpose and meaning of self-portraiture.

Pop Shop 3 – Printmaking (Tee Shirts)

Learn printmaking, including printing Tee shirts, based on the images of Haring's work.

Making Masks

Merging ancient and contemporary art, this lesson examines the significance of mask-making in the past and present. A great starting point to larger projects, or a fast exploration for the less patient.

Body Language Through Sculpture

Exploring gesture and movement using clay, this lesson was produced by a college student majoring in Art Education.

Pop Shop 2 – Etching and Woodcutting

Learn about printmaking using Haring's imagery as a starting point.

Plaster Mold Symbols

Students will make casts of their own symbols using clay and plaster.

Pop Shop 1 – Symbol Making

Students will learn about Keith Haring's use of symbols by examining his bold, direct lines and images and create their own.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

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