Big Hat People



Influenced by Keith Haring's book, BIG, this lesson explores clothing and the adjectives we use to describe and differentiate them.


To teach students about Keith Haring and his book "BIG"

To exercise students reading and writing skills by applying them to something fun and creative.

To expose students to the process of making a collage.


Keith Haring's BIG book


Colored construction paper
Glue & glue brushes -or- glue sticks


This lesson was aimed for 2nd Graders around Keith Haring's book "BIG". We talked about how adjectives describe things. We also talked about how clothing can be art. The Enormous Red Top Hat was our inspiration [selected from a specific page in BIG]. Each student created a collage of a large hat using colored construction paper... the class must have named 20 different kinds of hats from baseball caps to princess crowns. To show this was a big hat, the students shrunk the feet and legs. This emphasized proportion and scale. They added detail to the hat, and Voila!! Big Hat People!


Expand this project as part of an entire unit in apparel, investigating uniforms, or articles of clothing.

Use this project as part of a larger study in scale.