Book of Little Things



Although initially used as an adjunct to a larger scale lesson, this activity provides much potential when used with Keith Haring's book, NINA'S BOOK OF LITTLE THINGS, which allows for interactive visual and conceptual activities.


To get students to begin brainstorming creatively.

To link reading and writing with visual art.

To expose children to Keith Haring and his work.


Nina's Book of Little Things | Hardcover | $19.95


Photocopies of teacher-designed handouts


I designed this coloring book so that my students could do some brainstorming before they did their final project. This is a take off of a Keith Haring hardcover coloring book called, Nina's Book of Little Things, published by Prestel.

Using some of the starting points in the book and creating some of my own, I made template sheets that I photocopied and handed out to each student.

The sheets said things like:
Draw some things you hear
Draw things you've found... and lost
Draw what you think about at night... in the morning
Draw yourself... draw how other people see you
Draw a story
Draw your favorite foods
Draw your trip to school
Draw your favorite place, one inside and one outside
Draw some imaginary pets you wished you had
Draw some smells you love
Draw a secret
Draw some of your favorite drawings
Draw a memory... now draw you remembering your memory
Draw where you are, and pass it to a friend to finish.