Haring Mural



Illinois 3rd Graders learned about Keith Haring and then created a mural together, with Haring as our inspiration.


To learn about the artist, Keith Haring.

To create a work of art collaboratively.

To understand how each student's work contributes to the whole and makes a difference.


Photographs of Keith Haring working
Photographs of Haring's artwork


Black craft paper, 24"x36"
Variety of colored construction paper (6" squares)
Glue sticks
White crayons


I started by introducing the class to the life and work of Keith Haring. I passed out packets with pictures of him in the subways, with audiences, and pictures of his work. I allowed students to choose a piece or two of colored construction paper to draw their favorite Haring picture on colored construction paper, and then cut it out. They could all come up to the large piece of black craft paper, glue it on, and add lines if needed with white crayons. I explained that once we all put our work together, we create something wonderful.


Can we describe our process, the steps we took to make a collaborative project?


We will look at the haringkids.com web site, talk about his work, and view our photo of our work on-line!