Age/Grade | Above 14

Relationship Sculptures

Plaster Mold Symbols

Students will make casts of their own symbols using clay and plaster.

Pop Shop 1 – Symbol Making

Students will learn about Keith Haring's use of symbols by examining his bold, direct lines and images and create their own.

Hip Hop Dancers

New York City High school students explore movement and performance in this lesson, which explores urban vernacular dance.

Flipbook Animation

High School students learn that movement is created by using a very fast sequence of photographs to enable them to make their own cartoon flip books.

Exploring Artistic Influences

Students explore their own personal artistic influences and make a work that is inspired by this connection.

A Haring Production

A Haring Production

This 7th grade class designed a stage set for their local job convention. Using Haring's bold and colorful style, they created emblems of various different occupations on large, free standing wood boards that were placed around the stage.

Haring Art Truck

Haring Art Truck

Students from this high school in Ohio painted a pickup truck inspired by Keith Haring's style.

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