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Making Self-Portraits

A psychologically investigative examination and corresponding lesson dissect the purpose and meaning of self-portraiture.

Making Masks

Merging ancient and contemporary art, this lesson examines the significance of mask-making in the past and present. A great starting point to larger projects, or a fast exploration for the less patient.

Body Language Through Sculpture

Exploring gesture and movement using clay, this lesson was produced by a college student majoring in Art Education.

Symbol Printing

Symbol Printing

Using Haring's Subway drawings as a starting point, New York City high school student will create prints of their own personal symbols.

Student Activist Posters

Students create posters for their school that express their personal feelings on politics, health issues, or personal rights.

Sidewalk Justice

High School students from New York City take to the streets to express their opinions, both personal and political.

Relationships in Art

An introductory lesson to Relationship Sculptures, that explores personal relationships and how these dynamics can be communicated through art.

Relationship Sculptures

Plaster Mold Symbols

Students will make casts of their own symbols using clay and plaster.

Overcoming Oppression

This lesson allows students to explore ways that artists have expressed feelings of oppression, and provides students with a voice to express themes of empowerment as a response.

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