Haring Style Drawings



Sent to us by one of our most active teachers, this project demonstrates the explorative fun that students can have with Keith Haring inspired imagery.


To help students gain an understanding of Keith Haring's work.

To allow students an opportunity to assimilate his bold, fresh style into their own work.


Colored pencils
Black oil pastels or china markers


My class full of 6 and 7 year-olds have been greatly motivated by Keith Haring's work.

After looking at Kieth Haring's work, the children created their own Haring style drawings in celebration of his fresh style. Beginning by just using a pencil, students carefully drew their chosen figure, colored it in, filled in the background, and finally, outlined all of the lines with a black oil pastel to emphasize a boldness and brightness.

It is a credit to Haring that his work endures for current and future generations over a decade after its inception.


What did you know about Keith Haring's work after looking at it?

What did you know about Keith Haring's work after making one of your own?