Heart Collage



A simple lesson designed for younger students. Perfect for Valentines or Mothers Day.


The students will create an original collage using a variety of materials.


I used Haring images from webshots.com that I downloaded to display on my TV when the kids walked in the art room as a focus. It is nice to have a computer with Internet access that is hooked up to a TV.

Love Book

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Tissue paper
Multicolored construction paper
Miscellaneous wallpaper samples
White paper cut 11x11
Black paper to mount on cut 12x12


Show the students various artworks by Haring by viewing the web site www.haringkids.com.
Show them the biography section on Keith Haring. Make sure you view the section about him making collages.

Start with the white paper, use various colors of tissue paper, cut out hearts and lay them on the paper, some overlapping each other. Paint over the tissue paper with water.
Add to your picture by cutting hearts out of construction paper.
Add wallpaper hearts.
Mount on 12x12 black paper.
When they finish, have them mount or matte their art on the black 12x12 paper.


I used a digital camera and took photos of random student art. Then I created a Power Point presentation and inserted each photo. I printed out each slide from the Power Point, laminated it and bound it to make a book!