Pop Art People



A lesson especially designed for younger children to help them understand body proportion and construction.


As you all know, sometimes our Kindergartners are still making people with no bodies or arms or legs! This is a great lesson to show that people have arms, legs, and bodies!

The students will create an original artwork by drawing "Pop Art People."


I used Haring images from webshots.com that I downloaded to display on my TV when the kids walked in the art room as a focus. I also downloaded the Haring Morph screensaver as an additional focus. It is nice to have a computer with Internet access that is hooked up to a TV.


White paper cut 11x11
Black paper to mount on cut 12x12


Show the students various artworks by Haring by viewing the web site www.haringkids.com.
Draw a few stick people on the board. Show that they have bodies, arms, legs, etc.
Draw different poses, have them practice. Running, jumping, etc.
Draw an outline around your stick person. Erase the pencil line on the inside or use a crayon to color over it, then color it in.
Draw several Pop Art People on your paper, then color the background in.
Trace over the outline with a black crayon.
When they finish, have them mount or matte their art on the black 12x12 paper.


Have children pose for one another or in front of the class.

I used a digital camera and took photos of random student art. Then I created a Power Point presentation and inserted each photo. I printed out each slide from the Power Point, laminated it and bound it to make a book!