Using examples of Keith's own progressive posters as a springboard, students are encouraged to create their own messages in the form of a public poster.


Children will define social activism.

Children will advocate a social cause by creating a compelling graphic poster.


Haring's Posters

Posters with a Message

Posters for a Charity

Other activist posters, signs, or advertisements found in the neighborhood.


Magazines, newspapers, posters
Writing paper and pencil or word processing on computer
Sketch paper
Poster board
Markers or paint


Show students Haring's posters and others found in the neighborhood.
Ask children to discuss what messages are being conveyed in each poster.
Discuss the following questions:
Why make these posters? Who sees them? What can a poster accomplish?
Have children offer qualities that define a social cause and have children volunteer many social causes that they are aware of.
Ask the students to choose one of the social causes and to write a definition of it.
List several possible messages in support of that cause.
Create a rough sketch of the poster, with picture and caption.
Create the poster.
Discuss the posters as a group.
Display posters around the school and neighborhood.