Remote Control Grid Drawings

Remote Control Grid Drawings

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Students follow my step by step example of an abstract drawing. I do and then they do.
The idea is to see how similar we can make the same drawing focusing on placement and scale.
This made possible by utilizing the simple understanding of point, line, and middles using the grid.


80% of students will create the drawing with 90% accuracy in terms of scale and placement responding
Only to verbal and nonverbal directives.


4x5.5 white paper per student, 1 pencil per student or group of students, 1 eraser per table


Students learn the word grid, Horizontal, Vertical, geometric and organic.

This project builds on already formulated line and shape vocabulary. It is meant to build their confidence in their drawing skills when they are asked to work independently.


How close are our drawings? Do they look the exact same? What makes them different?
How did the grid help us work together? How could you use the grid to make your own drawing?


Geometry, science