Using Keith Haring's book, BIG, Children will write and illustrate all the words they know for the word small.


Children will brainstorm all the words they know for the word small.

Children will illustrate synonyms for small.


Big Book

Keith Haring Big Children's Book | Hardcover | $6.95


Colored construction paper, 8.5 x 14"
White drawing paper
Vibrant markers


Children stand up one at a time and tell about the smallest thing they own.
Write adjectives they use in their descriptions on the board (ex, tiny, little, mini, itsy-bitsy, eensy-weensy, etc.)
After children are done, ask if they know words to add to this list.
Ask the children to rank these synonyms from small to absolute smallest, and write these in order from left to write across the board (this ranking is subjective and should be open to discussion and compromise!)
Children brainstorm ten ideas for illustrating their own synonym book. Each caption should include the synonym, a color, and an object (for example, "teeny-tiny yellow leaf").
Children assemble the construction paper into book format by stacking three sheets of the colored construction paper, then folding the stack in half and stapling it at the folded edge.
Children title and decorate the cover.
Children open to first inside page, write their caption, draw their illustration on the white drawing paper, cut it out with scissors, and glue it to the page. Repeat for remaining nine synonyms.
Children read books to the class.