Inspired by work Haring explored throughout his life, this project asks students to photograph one another and reflect upon what they see both externally and internally.


Children will create self-portraits with Polaroid or digital cameras.

Children will write expressively about their self-portraits.


Keith Haring Snapshots


Digital camera


Assorted costumes and props

Writing paper and implements or word processing program and computer


Look at Polaroid snapshots of Keith in various guises.
Have children suggest aspects of his personality as revealed in his different choices of costume.
Observe directly (or recall from memory if not possible) pre-schoolers in dress-up activities.
Discuss personality traits revealed in dramatic play.
Have students make a list of some of their own personality traits.
Brainstorm ways to manifest traits in costume.
Have children choose two or three traits to portray for the camera.
Take the portraits.
Have students write about the photos, explaining how they reveal different aspects of themselves.


Pair each student with a pre-schooler for a peer tutoring. Have the older child take the role of teacher for the same lesson, but this time using their own self-portraits as examples instead of Keith's.