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Introducing Keith Haring

Introducing Keith Haring

Lesson to introduce the work of Keith Haring to a class of 7 and 8 year old pupils.


This lesson, similar to our Flip-Book lesson, is designed for children to explore movements and perform them as the different characters in Haring's work, emphasizing transitional poses and personal expression.

Flip Books

This lesson, similar to our Morphs lesson, is designed for children to examine the visual quality of movement in Haring's work, emphasizing sequence and time.

The Story of Red and Blue – Art

The Story of Red and Blue - Art

This spontaneous explorative project allows students of all ages to open up and make free associations with positive results.

Crayon Rubbing Flip Book

Crayon Rubbing Flip Book

This flip book lesson is designed to make learning about animation a more tactile, fun experience for young learners by eliminating tracing and bringing the line to life. Students will use their hands to gradually bend and reshape a line (floral wire), while recording this experience using crayon rubbings. The sequential crayon rubbings will become frames for their flip book.

This lesson is originally designed to accompany a math lesson about closed shapes, giving students an experience with the formation of flat sides, curves, and angles.