A Haring Event

A Haring Event

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This school in New Jersey hosted a "Dine with Your Child" afternoon, complete with Haring-inspired hallway decorations and home-made tee-shirts.


To introduce students to the life and work of Keith Haring.

To use artwork as a backdrop for an afternoon where students can eat lunch with their visiting parents.

To brighten up the school.


Hallway Decorations
Paper (24"x36")
Tape (to attach work to wall)

Paper (8"x10")
Cardboard (18"x24" sheets)
Carbon paper
Acrylic paint & Painting supplies


Hallway Decorations
Show students images of Keith Haring's work. Talk to them about his figures and how he made them look as though they were moving. Emphasize proportion and simplification/stylization.
Hand out large sheets of white paper and have students draw (in pencil lightly first) large figures that fill up the whole paper. When they feel confident with their drawing, they may use markers to color them in. Make sure they use a bold, black outline to bring out the drawing.

Custom Tee-Shirts
Talk about Keith Haring's store called Pop Shop, and how he made his own tees. Discuss his motivations to make art accessible to everyone.
There are two basic ways to approach this project-
1. Children may design and paint their images on their shirts, or
2. If looking for a universal design, hold an election to determine the most favored design and then have it sent out to a silkscreener with the purchased tees.

If using choice #1, have each student be responsible for bringing in their own tee-shirt. Help them cultivate a symbol (in pencil on paper) that reflects their knowledge of Keith Haring's style while expressing their own individual concerns. Once they feel prepared with their symbol, give them some carbon paper to place between their drawing and their tee (stretch tee over a cardboard sheet to stabalize) in the place where they would like the image to appear, then have them redraw over their lines to transfer the image. Now they may paint their tee using Acrylic paints (permanent). Do not remove cardboard from tee until shirt is dry. Voila!