Haring Man Mural



One class' response to Haring's work after visiting our site, a full size figurative mural. The perfect project to build upon for individual children or a whole group.


To work on a collaborative project emphasizing cooperation and teamwork.

To explore texture by using different strokes with a paint brush.

To learn about Keith Haring and his art.


Large sheet of burlap or Canvas (you can use a flat bed sheet)

Paint & painting supplies


My Kindergarten class learned about Keith Haring this year. We looked at pictures of his work on the web site and talked about it. We created this mural as a whole-class project.

Examine Keith Haring's work, how he drew people, what the people were doing, colors, line...
Take a few classes to explore stroke using black paint. Try pressing hard, using a dry brush, adding a lot of water, making fast strokes, and short stubbly ones. Have students articulate what each stroke is. Discuss ways in with Keith Haring used these different strokes by going back to his work afterward and reexamining it.

To do one mural, have just 2 or 3 kids work on it at a time in the back of the class on the floor. Line the mural with a shower curtain or plastic tarp so the paint doesn't go through. Give the kids 10 minutes each.

As a nice variation to those student tracings that are perfect for Kindergarten-aged children, have each kid do their own mural following the same procedure that you would on brown craft paper. Trace the student lying flat on the fabric. Tell them to take an interesting pose as though they were in motion. Then simply have the students work on their murals in the back of the class 2 or 3 at a time. Use a clothesline to hang them dry and to avoid getting paint everywhere.


How does it feel to see your work so large?

How is making art in a group different than making it alone?

Describe the different strokes you used with your brush.

What sort of ideas do you have for your next piece of work?