Duration | 1 - 2 Classes

Haring Mural

Illinois 3rd Graders learned about Keith Haring and then created a mural together, with Haring as our inspiration.

Creating a Personal Symbol

Creating a Personal Symbol

After studying the work of Keith Haring, these high school students created their own personal symbols on woodblocks. The symbols were then printed on to an item of clothing and incorporated into a banner.

Line & Expression – 3D

An activity provided by the Art Gallery of Ontario designed to help students understand meanings and representations of symbols and to synthesize 2-dimensional imagery into 3-dimensional forms

Signs of Everyday Life

Keith Haring was interested in how signs are used in many different cultures, from Egyptian hieroglyphics to contemporary advertising on the city streets. He often signed his artwork with a "radiant baby" sign instead of his name. This lesson seeks to explore the signs around us, and to create our own.

The Story of Red and Blue – Writing

The Story of Red and Blue - Writing

This lesson helps students explore the creative possibilities of using language to interpret art.


Students can create their own symbolic windows into their imaginations.

The Sky

Students will create images of the sky that convey their moods and feelings.

Self Portraits from the Future

Students will make craypa self portraits of what they might look like in 100 years.

Fish Collages

Exploring color and pattern through collage, this lesson was produced by a college student majoring in Art Education.

Making Masks

Merging ancient and contemporary art, this lesson examines the significance of mask-making in the past and present. A great starting point to larger projects, or a fast exploration for the less patient.

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