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Creating Stories

Looking and drawing merge in this lesson to help students understand and appreciate Keith Haring's work. As an extension to this project, these NYC school children decorated bags containing holiday gifts for local charities.

Children Respond to Haring’s Work

Using the Keith Haring exhibition as a starting point in their Education and Outreach programming, City Gallery helped children be inspired by and respond to Haring's work.

New Wave Aztec

New Wave Aztec

After exploring The Aztec Empire and an exhibition of original works by artist Keith Haring at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, students from throughout New York City created their own digital animations in Flash MX inspired by the works on view at the museum.

The Story of Red and Blue – Art

The Story of Red and Blue - Art

This spontaneous explorative project allows students of all ages to open up and make free associations with positive results.

I Can Dance to the Music of Everything

This children-designed book explores rhyming, musical inventions, rhythm and dance using the process of printmaking.

Tabletop Graffiti Mural

Tabletop Graffiti Mural

When an art teacher from a YMCA in Florida decided to clean up her shabby tables and teach her students about graffiti art, she decided to combine the projects and revive the tables with art! A strong emphasis on collaboration and cooperation led to a classroom full of personalized furniture.

Hip Hop, Skip, and Jump

This program was designed to be a take-home activity for children in conjunction with the exhibition of Keith Haring's work at the Whitney Museum in New York City.

Tools for Discussing Haring’s Work

By maintaining a framework to lead a discussion, this outline will help make looking at, talking about, and responding to art less intimidating.

The Story of Red and Blue – Writing

The Story of Red and Blue - Writing

This lesson helps students explore the creative possibilities of using language to interpret art.

Posters for a Charity

Posters for a Charity

This insightful lesson combines ethics with art, allowing students to consider the social and political climate they live in, and to take positive action by creating posters that inspire awareness and change.

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