Neighborhood Mini-Mural

Neighborhood Mini-Mural

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I am a fan of Haring Kids website and enjoy sharing it with people I know and children that I share my love of art with. This week, I taught some of my neighborhood kids (ages 4-11) about Keith Haring and his art. Each child created their own Haring inspired art work to take home with them.


To learn about Keith Haring, drawing and having fun with neighbors.


HaringKids Website


Black Paper
White Paper
Blocks of Wood


These pieces were created using chalk on black paper (similar to the pieces Haring created in New York subways thirty years ago). They also created additional works using other materials such as pastels or paint on additional surfaces like white paper and blocks of wood. The final project of the day was to have each child contribute their own "Haring-esque" item to a six foot long piece of black paper (which was attached to a piece of cardboard for stability) thus creating a mini-mural.


I have attached a copy of this piece to share with your site in hopes that it may inspire others to try similar things. Thank you.