Hip to be Square

Hip to be Square

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After looking at works from Keith Haring's "Dance" book, 3rd grade students use a square piece of paper to design their own Keith Haring dance composition. Using markers, they outline and color in their shapes solidly like Keith Haring's paintings



fingerpaint paper

examples of artwork from Keith Haring's "Dance" book
and examples from www.haringkids.com.


On the first day, students listen to music from the 1980s while striking the dance moves shown in the Haring works which are projected onto the board so the whole class can see. They then are asked to draw their own dancing a figures on a square sheet of white fingerpaint paper, making sure that they use bold lines, shapes, and colors AND use all of the SPACE!

Students can take the next 2 (45 min.) class periods to neatly color in their composition.


How did Keith Haring show movement in his paintings?

How does Keith Haring show some of the 5 senses in his paintings?/which senses do you think of when you see this painting?

What type of dance is being shown in these images?

How would you describe the way Keith Haring used shape? color? line?

When you see those kinds of shapes, lines, and colors, how do they make you feel?