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Haring Style Drawings

Sent to us by one of our most active teachers, this project demonstrates the explorative fun that students can have with Keith Haring inspired imagery.


Using Keith Haring's book, TEN as a starting point, children will learn to quantify and visually depict numbers.


Similar to the book, I WISH I DIDN'T HAVE TO SLEEP, containing children's responses to Haring's work, students are encouraged to look at Haring's work, and create their own stories.


Using examples of Keith's own progressive posters as a springboard, students are encouraged to create their own messages in the form of a public poster.


Usually lessons take a class through a project, this lesson takes a class through reflection and display, a great complement to any activity.

Coloring Books

An interactive project designed to carry students through our special coloring book section on our web site.

Creating Stories

Looking and drawing merge in this lesson to help students understand and appreciate Keith Haring's work. As an extension to this project, these NYC school children decorated bags containing holiday gifts for local charities.

Designing Objects

Using a project framework similar to that of Keith Haring's, children can explore the possibilities of designing a personally customized watch, bicycle, and car, using the templates provided.

Clay for Fun: An Introduction to Clay

Clay for Fun: An Introduction to Clay

Elementary students experiment with clay before making their own imaginary animals.

This lesson accompanies the following additional lessons:
"Creating a Cranimal"
"Cranimals in 3D"
"Paper Sculpture Habitats"

Sidewalk Justice

High School students from New York City take to the streets to express their opinions, both personal and political.

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