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Book of Little Things

Although initially used as an adjunct to a larger scale lesson, this activity provides much potential when used with Keith Haring's book, NINA'S BOOK OF LITTLE THINGS, which allows for interactive visual and conceptual activities.

A Book About Heart

A Book About Heart

An explorative lesson that stimulates language skills while aiding in the development of social and emotional awareness.

Street Art Project

Street Art Project

A low-budget, exciting way to explore the function and creative process of public art while gaining a deeper understanding of Haring's work.

Coloring Books

An interactive project designed to carry students through our special coloring book section on our web site.

Drawing Movement

This local New York City school used Keith Haring's art to inspire a lesson on expressing movement in drawing.

Pop Art People

A lesson especially designed for younger children to help them understand body proportion and construction.

Add a Page to Love

Using Keith Haring's book, LOVE, as a stepping stone, students are asked to create their own page to express love while challenging their use of color.

Chalk Drawings

Chalk Drawings

Students from an elementary school in Tampa, Florida visited an exhibition of Keith Haring's work at the local Tampa Museum of Art and then made their own Haring-inspired work!

Designing Objects

Using a project framework similar to that of Keith Haring's, children can explore the possibilities of designing a personally customized watch, bicycle, and car, using the templates provided.

Mural to Music 2

Ask your students to make a collaborative mural drawing to music, using their invented sign language, music, using their invented sign language, music logos, imagination, and their responses to the music.

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